Duke University Student Health Plan  
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The Dental Savings Program

If you are covered by Duke University Student Health Plan, you can save money on dental care by using the Dental Savings Program. Not an insurance plan, the Dental Savings Program provides dental care at substantially reduced rates from contracted dental providers. And because it is a discount program-not insurance-there are no lifetime maximums, exclusions or claim forms. To receive savings on dental care, follow these directions.
  1. Choose a contracted dental provider from the list on this web site.
    • Information about each provider's education, specialty, location and fee schedule is provided to help you make a decision.
    • Check this web site each time you need dental care to see the most current list of providers and fee schedules.
  2. Phone the provider for an appointment.
    • Mention that you plan to use the Basix Dental Savings Program offered through your Duke University Student Health Plan.
    • The provider may know the Dental Savings Program by another name (the Basix Student Health Program) but it is the same program.
    • Pay particular attention to the "Administrative Contact" information in each provider's listing. If you are using a provider with a large dental group, there will be a number for you to give to the receptionist so they can look up the terms of our program in their office system.
    • Ask about payment options (cash, check, credit card) so you are prepared to pay for the services you receive at the time of your visit.
  3. At the dentist's office.
    • Show the provider your student ID and student health plan card.
    • Print the provider's fee schedule from this web site and take it with you.
  4. Pay the provider in full at the time of service to get the discounted rates.
    • Our Program makes no payment to the dentist for the services you receive.
    • The discounted rates are not retroactive and do not apply to services that pre-date your access to the Dental Savings Program.
    • Special offers, coupons and other promotions may only be combined with the Dental Savings Program at the provider's discretion.

No claim forms to fill out. No bills in the mail. That's it!